We have taken your feedback and enhanced the overall Virtual Meet experience. MI MEET is a virtual event that was created to give veteran and beginner lifters the opportunity to challenge themselves this year with a safe and enjoyable virtual meet.

The virtual meet will not only allow you to compete with yourself, but against other like-minded individuals from around the world! This can be from the comfort of your home studio or whichever gym you prefer.


Once you register you will receive free tips, updates, and reminders about the meet that will be held October 22-24 2021.


MI MEET 3.0 requires a $25 entry fee per participant. This will get all participants an exclusive t-shirt with a themed design just for the MEET 3.0 event. There will be additional prizes for top finishers in each category including additional apparel and a free entry in the next MI MEET! The remainder of the entry fee helps cover administration costs.



Welcome to the cool kids club. We have created an exclusive Facebook powerlifting community where you can ask our elite staff questions, talk amongst other competitors, and receive tips on how to reach your goals. You will be given free training templates for every level and a welcome guide with instructions on how to compete.



Do I need powerlifting experience to participate in the virtual meet?

No. Anyone looking to try something new, add some flavor and variety to their training, test their one-rep maxes (1RM) under a coach’s eye, or simply connect with a community of like-minded individuals is an ideal candidate.

I don’t think I’m strong enough to participate in the virtual meet. Shouldn’t I wait until I’m stronger?

You are strong enough to participate regardless of your current strength level. It’s cliche’ but you’re ultimately competing against yourself. A virtual meet is a prime opportunity to try something new and fun in a low-pressure, home game type of environment. Virtual meets are also an excellent first step to determine if you enjoy powerlifting before actually investing additional money in special apparel or equipment, entry fees, or potential travel.

Which training should I follow?

If you’ve never lifted with free weights before nor touched a barbell, we encourage you to begin by downloading our free eBook to begin understanding how to approach the powerlifts (squat, bench press, deadlift).

If you have some experience with barbell lifting but have never tested your 1RMs, we invite you to try our free novice training templates as they’re a logical first step toward building a solid foundation of strength.

If you’ve been lifting for more than a year or two and are beyond the novice stage or you’ve already tested your 1RMs in the powerlifts, perhaps the free intermediate templates might be a good choice for you.

If you’re already working with a coach, your coach can continue to design your training with a strength goal in mind.

Regardless of your starting point or which path you choose, consistently and intentionally training for strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift should lead to favorable results.

Which weight class should I choose?

Our Welcome Guide lays out the weight classes for men and women. We encourage everyone to lift in the weight class they naturally fit into. The focus of the Virtual Meet is fun, trying something new, and gaining valuable experience. There’s no need to create anxiety or place additional stress on yourself trying to make weight. For example, a woman who typically weighs 145-pounds should compete in the 69kg (152-pounds) class rather than dieting down to the 63kg (138-pounds) class. Alternatively, if you’re right on the borderline of a specific weight class and feel like you can make weight with minimal effort and stress, then go for it!