How to gauge RPE

This shows how reps in reserve (RIR) correlates to perceived levels of exertion. It also provides a way to judge RPE in your own training.

These concepts can be hard for a new lifter to get acquainted with, and this is where good coaching can accelerate your progress!

RPE vs. load and repetitions

This chart shows how RPE related to load (as measured as a percentage of 1 rep maximum – 1RM) and repetitions are related.

Theoretically, doing 5 repetitions at 86.3% of your 1RM would leave you at an RPE 10, meaning maximal exertion.

prilepin’s table

Alexander Sergei Prilepin devised a system for controlling and programming loads and repetitions after studying the training of Olympic weightlifters.

This short video by one of our coaches discusses this table.